The long way out
directed by Clara Ott | 2012

Flight Movie 2012
  FIPA 2012
Vision du Réel 2012

  During winter 2002, the director shot six children just back to Albania from Greece, where they had been the victims of child trafficking. A local non-governmental organization, the Albanian foundation ‘Help to the Children’ helped them returning to their families and getting back to school. Along those interviews, Toni, Ela, Shpetim, Maringlen, Najada and Saléo were telling about their traumatic experiences and their hopes for a better future…
Ten years later, the director is coming back to Albania to meet again with the 6 young protagonists, now adults, and get to know what they became.
  Distribution : Flight Movie  
  Duration 90 minutes
Format HDCAM
Direction Clara Ott
Image Christophe Folcher
Edition Valérie Brégaint
2012 flight movie - all rights reserved