Titans and Mosquees
(Titans et mosquées)
directed by Christophe Folcher| 2006

  (c) Flight movie 2006
  Selection at the Bilan du Film Ethnographique 2007
  In the North of Benin, the mythical Caravanners have left their honks for big trucks named “Titans”.
But if the tools are different, they kept their traditions, based on a tolerant Islam. By giving alms to their close and by dispensing their wealth, these caravanners builds Mosque and schools for the whole population.
Between Titans and mosques, the Wangaras, these caravanners, continue to pace up and down in the West of Africa. They defends their genuine vision of an Islamic society who combine benefits and faith, when everywhere else the Jihad and the Charia law are expanding, with the help of the petrodollars.

Distribution : Flight Movie
  Duration 47 minutes
Format Dvcam & Beta Digital
Direction Christophe Folcher
Photography Christophe Folcher
Editing Clara Ott
(c) 2006 flight movie - tous droits réservés