LatinoAmericana 2002 - parallel diaries
directed by Fabrice Castanier | 2009

  TV broadcast  
  10/2009 Les Ecrans Documentaires (France)
05/2010 Documenta - Madrid (Spain)
  Dialogues Language spanish, french, mapuche
Commentaries Language spanish or french
  Formats and versions available  
  duration : 195'
in 2 partos of 95' and 100'
DigiBeta PAL format 4/3
Franch Version(V.O.)
Sapnish Version
  Direction Fabrice Castanier
Author Fabrice Castanier
Image Fabrice Castanier
Sound and mixingDaniel Sobrino
EditionValérie Brégaint
Music Emiliano Turi et Bettina Kee
VoicesMiguel Benasayag

Executive Production Flight Movie
in coproduction with ACG
with the support of CNC and PROCIREP-ANGOA

Distribution Flight Movie
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