Kekes at work
directed by Thomas Brésard| 2001

(c) Flight Movie 2002
  “- Do you want her to hate you?
- Yes she will despise me, but the take will be fantastic”

Surrounded by their musicians and technicians in the studio, Brigitte Fontaine and Areski Belkacem record « Guadalquivir », a song from their new album « KéKé Land ».
Far from the bright lights and flashing publicity cameras, we will intimately follow their work, their thoughts, their exchanges. After the recording of different instruments, from the bass to the keyboard, passing by the oud and the violoncello, the voice of Brigitte occupies a multicoloured universe which has been sculpted by Areski, eternal companion in her shadow

  Distribution : Flight Movie  
  Duration 52 minutes
Format Dvcam & Beta Digital
Direction Thomas Brésard
Image Thomas Brésard
Edition Guillaume Germaine
Production Flight Movie, Artefilm, Cityzen TV
Music Brigitte Fontaine and Areski Belkacem
(c) 2004 flight movie - all rights reserved