India Song
directed by Stefano Barberi| 2003

(c)Flight Movie
  South-western coast of India. Kerala. Hidden under a canopy of coconut palms, a village of fishermen uses the nearby beach as an immense open air square where the villagers gather, play, and work on their nets.
The old fishing boats line up on the beach like an army of dinosaurs from a lost era that was bravely facing its enemy. Everyday during the monsoon period the fishermen have to challenge the barrier of breakers to reach the shallow waters of the open sea. Their fragile boats and catamarans are turned over, and pulled back to the shore. The men fall in the turbulent waters.
If the fishermen don’t pass the, their lives and that of their families becomes uncertain.
What’s at stake, it’s a tough fight for survival. Men against nature, a village forgotten by God against misery and famine. I's also the fight of a Christian place surrounded by Muslim and Hindu villages, sharing the same difficulties.
  Distribution : Flight Movie  
  Duration 64 minutes
Format Beta Digital
Direction Stefano Barberi
Image J??
Sound P??
Edition V??
Production Flight Movie, Nomad Films
(c) 2004 flight movie - all rights reserved