Krik, Krak, Carnaval
directed by Natacha Sautereau| 2002

(c) Flight Movie 2002
  From epiphany to Ash Wednesday, the Cayenne carnival transforms daily life into a succession of parties and processions. The costumes and disguises not only borrow from present times, but also from traditional characters, symbols of guyanese history, of emancipation and of building cultural values.
If the purpose of the event is social control, it nonetheless unwittingly lays bear both the difficulties and the changes in this society. Listening to the old and the young, the film also reveals the symbolic and the social repercussions of carnival today.
  Distribution : Flight Movie  
  Duration 52 minutes
Format Dvcam & Beta Digital
Direction Natacha Sautereau
Image C??
Edition V??
Music J??
(c) 2004 flight movie - all rights reserved