Café Françoise
directed by Christophe Folcher| 2000

(c) Flight Movie 2001
  Festival entrevues - Belfort - 2001
  A narrow, often deserted street in Nanterre. A café, the Café Françoise, the perfect décor for a get-together. It’s nearly Christmas. Raymonde, Jacqueline, Alain and the others – labourers, homeless, jobless – spend the last days of the month of December together.
Some drink while others sing. They talk about love, solitude and “tête de veau vinaigrette”. Time passes. The future? There’s much talk of the new millennium; it’s just around the corner, tomorrow, although you wouldn’t know it. Everyone’s waiting without really knowing what they’re waiting for?
  Distribution : Flight Movie  
  Duration 52 minutes
Format Dvcam & Beta Digital
Direction Christophe Folcher
Image Christophe Folcher
Edition I.K. Patard
Production Flight Movie, Artefilm,Cityzen TV
(c) 2004 flight movie - all rights reserved