Sky Pirates of Rio
directed by Etienne Chambolle | 2002

(c) Flight Movie 2002
  Audience Award - Festival Imagin'Air 2004 - Payerne (Switzerland)
Audience Award and Best First Film Award
Festival International du Film de Vol Libre - St-Hilaire

In Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, thousands of people secretly make giant hot air balloons out of paper in their garages.
With the magical alchemy of paper, air and fire, these “pirate balloons” decoratively possess the city’s skies.
However, it has recently become a criminal offence and those who make montgolfiers are liable to of prison. This does not deter the “baloeiros”, balloon makers, and many continue to let their inordinate dreams drift above the world’s most beautiful bay.
  Distribution : Télé Images International  
  Duration 52 minutes
Format Dvcam & Beta Digital
Direction Etienne Chambolle
Image Christophe Folcher
Edition Valérie Brégaint
Music Joachim Cohen
(c) 2004 flight movie - all rights reserved